Workplace Accident Lawyer in Houston

Our Workplace Accident Lawyer in Houston Attorney Laura Y. Rodriguez of Laura Y. Rodriguez & Associates, P.C. has the necessary passion, experience, and legal knowledge to assist injured workers. Complicated workers’ compensation laws are often difficult to understand without professional aid. An injured worker seeking to create a successful case needs to find a competent attorney familiar with all legal regulations.

Injured workers looking for an excellent workplace accident lawyer in Houston need to look no farther than the law office of Laura Y. Rodriguez & Associates, P.C. for help in filing and winning their claims.

Committed to a Lifelong Goal Focused on Helping Injured Workers

Laura Y. Rodriguez grew up in the Rio Grande Valley. After she experienced the untimely work-related death of a loved one, Attorney Laura Y. Rodriguez decided, at a tender age, to spend her life helping other injured workers. While most children do not know their career goals until they are older, Laura Y. Rodriguez immediately recognized her life’s calling as a workplace accident lawyer.

Laura Y. Rodriguez seeks to assist people in winning their cases. After having gained her law degree, Attorney Rodriguez channeled her knowledge into commitment as an exceptional workplace accident lawyer in Houston and Louisiana.

Workplace accident lawyer in Houston and New Orleans.

Leaving No Legal Stone Unturned while Representing her Clients

Representing electricians, welders, longshoremen and victims of explosions occurring in the workplace, clients respect Laura Y. Rodriguez for her passionate dedication to winning their lawsuits.

A daughter of Texas, she represents clients with honesty, conviction and perseverance. Laura Y. Rodriguez does not give up on her clients. Injured workers are grateful to Laura Y. Rodriguez for her steadfast persistence.

Developing a Custom Plan of Action for Each Client

Every client seeking assistance from Attorney Laura Y. Rodriguez receives a custom plan of action. Attorney Rodriguez understands that every client has personal issues and needs.

Some employees involved in work-related accidents are severely injured and unable to perform any work. For these workers, life becomes an almost unbearable personal and financial hardship.

Injured workers can now all regain the dreams they have lost when they consult with Attorney Laura Y. Rodriguez today. 1-866-99LAWRA