What Makes a Quality Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck accidents are especially dangerous. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data, over 100,000 people get hurt in these collisions each year.

The suffering continues for a long time after the accident. There are the hefty medical bills that must be paid. For many, the payments become impossible to make because they have to miss time from work to recuperate. It is not unheard of for someone to suffer injuries in a truck accident and wind up in bankruptcy court because they could not pay off creditors. All of this because of a negligent truck operator.

Truck accident justice in Houma, TX.

Fortunately, Attorney Laura Rodriguez is a quality truck accident lawyer that can help you fight for justice. Never underestimate the ability of a quality legal professional. A quality legal professional knows all angles within their field very well in order to best help you get the justice you deserve.

Justice for the Right Medical Attention

No, a truck accident lawyer does not have to perform surgery on clients. However, they should be able to explain the significance of getting checked for internal injuries. Many accident victims believe they are fine because they can walk away from the scene unaided. They then forgo medical attention. Later, the initially unseen injuries become worse.

Because they failed to get an immediate medical diagnosis, it can prove more difficult to link the pain to the crash. The best personal injury lawyers always recommend getting a full medical check.

Understanding the Effects of Related Injuries

No, a top accident lawyer need not be able to explain Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. Yet, they have to be aware of the physics behind truck accidents. Large 18-wheelers barreling down the highway at top speeds produce an amazing impact when they collide with smaller vehicles. Consequently, the passengers of these cars and motorcycles get tossed about, producing serious injuries, such as whiplash.

Getting Deserved Compensation

No, the best truck accident lawyers will not have to perform multi-variable Calculus. However, they are skilled at accurately calculating the amount of financial damage done to their clients.

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Laura Y. Rodriguez is a truck accident lawyer capable of playing all of these roles. She is totally committed to serving the common man or woman hurt while on the roads of Houma.

Nobody has to fight against the insurance companies, trucking lines, and defendants alone. Let the firm of Laura Y. Rodriguez & Associates, P.C., handle the situation to increase the chances of receiving a fair settlement or court award. We are the choice truck accident lawyer in Houma, Brownsville, Houston, and surrounding areas.