A Quality Slip and Fall Lawyer Helps Clients Fully Recover

A slip and fall can result from the negligence of another. For example, a restaurant may allow a wet floor to go without mopping. The staff may fail to place a “wet floor” sign. Then, when a customer enters, they slip, fall and receive serious injuries.

Slip fall lawyer in Houston.

Doctor visits cost money. Lost wages, while recuperating, make things even worse. Bills go unpaid. Working class people in Houston suffer serious financial damages.

What can be done? Well, it is always best to seek advice from an experienced Houston slip and fall law firm, such as Laura Y. Rodriguez & Associates, P.C.

Following are two of the qualities clients can expect to find at this firm.

1. Top Negotiating Skills

Forget the television dramas where lawyers attack the other side relentlessly, never stopping to listen. In real life, a quality slip and fall lawyer must be able to negotiate.

Clients in desperate need of financial, medical and emotional support are ill-served by attorneys who merely attack the opposition.

The best legal representatives know how to strike a balance between tough negotiations and compromise. Their clients usually walk away from lawsuits much better off as a result.

2. Compassion

Likewise, good Houston slip and fall lawyers have compassion for victims. Face it, these accidents are both physically and emotionally damaging. Victims may recover from the bodily injures, yet still suffer anxiety and feelings of powerlessness.

Attorney Laura Y. Rodriguez understands the need to help victims fully recover from all the harm done to them. The firm fights hard to ensure that clients receive justice.

A lawyer who cannot empathize with the pain a client is experiencing cannot exude the passion necessary to defeat the large insurance companies, corporations and government agencies.

Attorney Laura Y. Rodriguez has spent years getting to know the average Houston area working man and woman. The firm has become the voice of those whom society often ignores, helping these people avoid bankruptcy, collection and unemployment after an accident.

Contact a Leader in Slip and Fall Victim Justice

Have you been hurt in an accident? If so, contact Laura Y. Rodriguez, a quality slip and fall lawyer in Houston, today, to get started on the path to full financial, emotional, and physical recovery.